Help us make a difference
for kids with NKH

The power of your funds

£5 a month

could fund special restriction enzymes, used in NKH Research. These work like molecular scissors to cut up the long strands of DNA in our cells. This is vital in helping us learn more about the genetic mutations of NKH.

£10 a month

could fund four weeks worth of outreach, providing NKH information to newly diagnosed families right when they need it most.

£20 a month

could fund a day of a post doc researcher, analysing sample assays, which tell us if NKH gene therapy is working in our models, getting us closer to a cure.

Why ‘The Hive’?

It’s a common folklore in the NKH Community that from an aerodynamic standpoint, bee’s should be able to fly. And yet, they do. Parents of children with NKH are often told their child will die, but many fly.
It seems fitting that a community of donors who support children with NKH is called ‘The Hive’.

Join The Hive

Our community of monthly donors bringing real change for kids with NKH

By joining The Hive you’ll receive:
– Special sneak peeks, early access to events, announcements and hear about any research updates we receive before anyone else.
– The satisfaction of knowing that you’re having a genuine impact on the work that can be done for kids with NKH.

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