Fundraise for NKH Research

Consider Fundraising for The Mikaere Foundation

Thank you for fundraising for us! No donation is too small, every single penny helps and goes towards NKH Research. We’re grateful for your support, we can’t do what we do without your help.

We’re happy to help, if you need any support, graphics or ideas. We can support with marketing paraphanalia, and potentially a speaker from a family living with NKH to share their experiences and how vital research us. Please get in touch! We’re also happy to share your fundraiser on our social channels, and we love to see photos on the day! Tag us @mikaereFoundation or use the tag #mikaerefoundation so we can see what you’re up to.

There are many different ways you can fundraise:

Hold an event

This is a very simple way to fundraise, and can be great fun! The idea is you hold an event (ideas below), and collect the ticket price (or donations) for charity. These can be small events, or large – we’ve done both!

You can extend the fundraiser with games (like a raffle or tombola, or the water vs wine pull. You wrap 25 bottles of old wine bottles (with screwcaps!) filled with water in newspaper. You wrap five bottles of wine in newspaper. They all look the same. People pay to pull a bottle, if it’s water, it’s rewrapped and returned to the table, if they unwrap wine, they can keep it!).

Event ideas might include:

Take on a personal challenge, or challenge a group of friends!

It can be very rewarding to push yourself to do something, and even more fun to do it with a group of friends!

With a personal challenge, pick your challenge, set up a campaign page linked to the Mikaere Foundation (we like justgiving or gofundme) and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

Personal challenges might look like:

Group challenges are also quite fun. You can set up a ‘team’ page on justgiving, which allows you see how much your team has raised collectively, while each person has their own page. Group challenges might look like:

  • A chicken nugget challenge
  • A group sky dive
  • A 24 hour challenge (24 hours of gaming on twitch! Making music in a concert! Relay racing!)
  • Man vs Food eating challenges
  • Sponsored silence
  • A group inflatable 5k or Tough Mudder

Sell items

This can be very rewarding. Sell an item (anything goes!), with the proceeds going to charity. This might look like:

  • Hold a silent auction, this might be things you have, things you’ve made or items that have been donated
  • Selling clothes you’ve designed (such as bookstshirts or hoodies)
  • Selling things you’ve made (such arttoys or jewellery)
  • Hold a carboot sale or a garage sale, selling things you no longer need
  • Sell old clothes on platforms such as Vinted

Corporate or Community Support

  • Nominate the Mikaere Foundation as the charity of the year at your workplace, church, or school.

    We can provide supporting paraphernalia (such as posters etc) in your branding, if that would be helpful.
  • Nominate the Mikaere Foundation for a nonuniform day at your local school or a bake sale at your office.
  • Make use of local community fundraising, and nominate the Mikaere Foundation for charity grants (such as Tesco Community Grants or similar)
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